Storytelling is an ever evolving project that has seen itself fluctuating, growing and mutating; but still maintaining the same philosophy that it started with; to share a "visual" story. My Photography finds its nest when it mixes the experience from other visual platforms and adding my own narrative. 

I’m inspired by the sociological changes and their tendency to rebound like a boomerang affecting our local culture and style. I’m inspired to have lived the last years of the cassette era and the big jump to the cd world; which was only to be exceeded by the much revered digital music revolution, as we now bask in the glorious revival of cherished vinyl. 

I’m inspired by having studied photography in darkrooms and learned serigraphy and offset printing. By the cinema and by the music; but mostly, I’m inspired by people living happily despite living with the most meagre of means, situated in the furthest reaches of this vast planet.

So let me take you into a contemplative visual journey through different places and moments, a place where a smile carries no charge and where the everyday life can be seen with another’s eyes. A place where each photograph has something to tell and perhaps something for you to feel, welcome to Storytelling!


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